Our Team has always been, and will always be, for the one whose life matters.

What was Freedom House?

Freedom House New Mexico has been dedicated to preventing further sexual exploitation of women in New Mexico. Over the past four years, we have offered a program that helps sexually exploited women leave their pasts behind and step into a brighter future. Our program has provided:

  • Shelter in a caring home

  • Physical and emotional detoxing

  • Counseling and therapy

Freedom House New Mexico has been there to support these women through every step of recovery.

We successfully saw many of them transition into a new life where misery and abuse is replaced with hope and love.


How our program worked:

Phase One:

In the first phase, the women moved into Freedom House and went through a detoxing program, choosing to deal with the experiences they had been involved in. Phase one was their opportunity to bravely make the decision to slowly bring themselves out of their current state (addictions, prostitution, sexual abuse situations, etc.). Our counselors and therapists worked one on one with the women to see them through any current issues as well as past traumatic experiences.

Phase Two:

The second phase was what Freedom House called the “moving forward” phase. After the first six months in the House, the women will then move into phase two and began to take steps forward. They had been through phase one, and it was then time to pull out the greatness that lies in each of the women. Phase two consisted of many things purposed to help the women see potential in themselves. The “Life Skills” classes were hands on time during the week for the women to pinpoint areas of creativity they may not have known existed within them. This phase also included life skills classes such as; interview conduct, resume building, financial insight, communication skills, healthy family training, etc.

Phase Three (the survivors we now assist):

The final stage, phase three, was the gradual reintroduction into “normal” life from life at the House. This process included finding a job, apartment/house, getting enrolled in school, etc. It is the real-life transition and successful sustainability once they were physically out of the Home. This required constant support, commitment and mentoring from our team to see success at the end of it all.