“For the One. This is the jewel, the calling that dropped into the heart of this ministry at the beginning of our journey. Although it has had many meanings along the way, it continues to direct and refocus us on “The One” right in front of us. The number of sex trafficking victims is daunting, but there is a calm and groundedness in knowing we are all called to the one. It is the heartbeat of all that we do and all that we are.”

- Toya Kaplan (Co-Founder)



AWARENESS: Our education and training involves the following two options;

  • Human Trafficking 101 - Awareness

  • Human Trafficking 201 - Education

EDUCATION: To learn more about training opportunities visit: Education & Training

PREVENTION: Until we realize this is a real issue happening in our backyards, we cannot change it. Our Training is fully based on statistics and truths gathered from specialists in this field, regarding the sex slavery industry. With this information, we equip the public and their friends/family with knowledge and tools to identify trafficking as well as protect themselves from it. Let’s prevent our children from trafficking before it happens by giving them these tools as well.



ASSISTANCE: For the One serves survivors of human sex trafficking. Through finances raised by our Fund Freedom banana bread and supporters, we are able to assist women who are on the last stage (Phase 3) of their journey from recovery to successful, independent living.

As we have discovered through our previous Freedom House transitional housing program, assistance in this stage is absolutely necessary. If these women do not have support during this transition, they risk becoming vulnerable again.

To learn more about how we assist survives, visit: Phase Three Survivors

MENTORSHIP: Our organization provides support through mentorship for survivors. Mentors have weekly meetings, coffee, dinners, etc. to show consistency and genuine love for these survivors.

Mentors are hand selected and are required to have extensive training.


  • The men, women and children trapped in the sex slave industry.

  • The women and girls manipulated into the states to sell sex in massage parlors.

  • The victims known as “lot lizards” forced to sell their bodies at truck stop gas stations.

  • The vulnerable teen runaways who are swept up into the life of sex slavery.

  • The defenseless child who is kidnapped and unwillingly sold into sex slavery.

  • The sex slaves all over the world, and in our country.

  • The list goes on.